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April 19-22
Eastern PA Fleche

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March 24
Lackawanna 200K

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February 3
Lancaster Loop in Reverse 200K

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January 6 13 20
Beyond Hope to Hopewell 200K

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December 2
Little Britain 200K
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2017 Eastern PA Honor Roll

Jimmy Aspras - SR
CJ Arayata - SR
Sean Connelly - SR
James Haddad - SR(2)
Guy Harris - SR(6)
Greg Keenan - SR(4)
Rudi Mayer - SR
Bill Olsen - SR(8)
Bob Torres - SR(5)
Aleksey Vishnyakov - SR

Jimmy Aspras - PA R-12
James Haddad - PA R-12
Jeff Lippincott - PA R-12

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Endless Mountains

EM1240K -- 2013

2018 Schedule

Completed Events
RUSA 200k  1/20   Results Report
RUSA 200k  2/3    Results Report

Remaining Events
ACP 200k   3/24   Results Report
ACP 300k   4/14   Results Report
ACP Fleche 4/19   Results Report
ACP 400k   5/5    Results Report
ACP 600k   5/19   Results Report
ACP 200k   6/9    Results Report
ACP 200k   7/7    Results Report
ACP 200k   8/18   Results Report
ACP 200k   9/8    Results Report
RUSA 200k  10/20  Results Report
RUSA 200k  11/10  Results Report
RUSA 200k  12/1   Results Report

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