[Pennsylvania Randonneurs]

Results for Tristan Dahn

RUSA 15821

[Pennsylvania Randonneurs] Lifetime Totals: Finishes 10; Distance 3,000 km; Avg Speed 17.6 km/h; Awards: SR
Finishes 4; Distance 1,100 km; Avg Speed 18.9 km/h
Mar 24ACP200KCovered Bridges11:26
Apr 20ACP300KWater and Wind 16:18
May 11ACP400KFour State20:37
Jun 15RUSA200KKeystone Brevet Co.09:51
Finishes 6; Distance 1,900 km; Avg Speed 17.0 km/h; Awards: SR
Mar 4ACP200KCovered Bridges12:09 First brevet
Apr 1ACP300KWater and Wind 17:42
May 13ACP400KFour State22:15 First 400!
Jun 3ACP600KJim Thorpe37:25
First 600K, SR
Nov 11RUSA200KHopewell Furnace11:38
Dec 2RUSA200KHollywood Hot Dog10:48