Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Free Bridge
200K Brevet

Saturday 8 July 2023
06:00 EDT Start Time

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Free Bridge 200K Brevet

Saturday 8 July 2023
06:00 EDT Start Time

Start Location

Northampton Street "Free" Bridge PA Side

100 Northampton St
Easton, PA 18042

The official PA side start location is over on Larry Holmes Drive next to the Free Bridge. If you parked in NJ behind Jimmy's, please walk your bike across the bridge, turn right, and congregate for the rider's briefing in the narrow strip of Riverside Park immediately North of the bridge.

There will be no food options open immediately at the start when the ride begins, but there is a McDonalds and a Wawa close by on the PA side.


The best parking area is the large public lot behind Jimmys Doggie Stand on the NJ side of the bridge. Don't park next to Jimmy's itself, or adjacent to the bridge.  Go all the way back behind Jimmy's to the big lot by the boat ramp. There is a Port-A-Potty here that is reasonably maintained at most times.

Besides this NJ side lot, there is a limited amount of unmetered parking along the river on the PA side. If you prefer to park in PA by the bridge, be sure to read the signage carefully to be sure your spot is legal for the duration. Many spots are marked 3 Hr Parking M-F, which would be fine for many hours on a Saturday, but other spots are more restricted. There are also some free spots where northbound PA-611 crosses the Bushkill Creek.

Suggested parking locations for the start/finish are public places, with theft and vandalism a real possibility, especially in cities. Park during the event at your own risk. Please do not leave valuables in your car during the ride.


Traveling far? Overnight accommodations are available at several hotels in Easton
Make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly.


Check the brevet card and listen to the riders briefing for the exact official finish controle location. Usually we finish near the outdoor picnic benches out in front of Jimmy's Doggy Stand. Finishing riders enjoy the ice cream and various sandwiches sold at the walk up window. Riders have also been known to congregate at the Sand Bar outdoor tiki bar across the street from Jimmy's, or at the Separatist on the PA end of the bridge.

Ride Description

Kars Sterner Arts TrailA challenging 200K that visits many familiar places through unfamiliar routes. FREE To PA RANDO MEMBERS!

Northampton Street (Free) BridgeThe overall course design is a non-crossing figure-8. The start of the northern loop begins on the Pennsylvania side of the Northampton Street "Free" Bridge, a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. We will ride North from the bridge, using the Karl Stirner Arts Trail and other trails, remaining mostly on flat, protected bikeways painlessly gaining nearly 800 feet of elevation on the ride up to Wind Gap, where we will not climb over the mountain -- yet. Instead, we follow the southern edge of the mountain where we ultimately climb Fox Gap from the South! for second breakfast at Village Farmer in  Delaware Water Gap. We return South from the Gap generally along the familiar riverside roads (except for a grunt or two up the Pine Tree "short cut") and eventually to the NJ side of the Northampton St bridge near where your car is parked if you need to resupply or add or drop anything. Jimmy's will be open for lunch by then, adding another option, but don't eat too much. The Big Climb is just ahead.

The South loop begins with another direct "short cut" that uses Cyphers and Shire Rd to cross out of Warren Glen directly over the Riegel Ridge. This direct routing will show you why we normally stick to the longer River Rd route in our approach to Milford. The climb is quite tough -- some may need their 24 inch gear -- but there's an exhilarating descent as a payoff. And think of the miles that were saved, whoo hoo!  

By PattiParker - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Milford we continue South on classic Bucks County cycling roads: Upper Tinicum Church, Headquarters, and Hollow Horn, passing through the Ralph Stover SP. There are a total of three covered bridges we will cross (and considerable rollers) before we reach the controle atop Plumstead Hill. From there, it's more classic rural Bucks County rollers till we find ourselves at an info controle: the now defunct Weisel Hostel, former rando clubhouse.

After crossing our fourth covered bridge, the trip North from the old Hostel is not the dreaded Lower Saucon climb of doom over the Kohlberg. No. This time we again take a new "short cut", a more direct route through Gallows Hill and Coon Hollow (yet another dirt road, suitable for most tires) that leads to a climb over the Eastern flank of Hexenkopf Hill, which is believed to be inhabited by witches.

After this spooky final climb there is a steep descent that ends up at the 25th street bridge. From there it's an easy spin up Lehigh Drive and the finish walk across the bridge to Jimmy's Doggie Stand and the Sand BAr.

There are several steep, extended climbs. Wide range gearing is highly recommended.

Course History

Course Record 2020-09-12: Scotty Steingart (08:16, 24.2 kph)

General Info

This ride is a randonneur style bicycle event under the sanction of Randonneurs USA and Audax Club Parisian. Completing this event can help you train and qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris and earn RUSA and ACP  awards. You need a current RUSA membership to ride this event. You can sign up for RUSA here.

First time riding with PA Randonneurs? Read an overview of what to expect on your first PA brevet. All participants are obliged to follow the rules for riders as well as local vehicle laws (PA, NJ, NY). Safety is a primary concern. All riders must sign a waiver. Please read these Safety Instructions.

These events are not for beginners.  The courses are hilly. You may face extremes of weather: heat, cold, wind, rain. The roads are unmarked and open to automobile traffic. There will be night riding in the longer events.  There is no sag wagon. Complete several ordinary century cycling events before starting a 200K brevet;  complete several 200Ks before starting a longer brevet.


Registration Fee

Pennsylvania Randonneurs members ride FREE!
There is an extra $25 charge for registration if you are not a member of Pennsylvania Randonneurs.
Pre-payment only. Day-of-event payment is not available for this event.
Pre-registration required.
Registration closes 23:59 EDT, Wednesday 5 July

Register On-Line


05:00 Sign-in, Bike Inspection
05:50 Rider meeting
06:00 EDT Riders depart


Finish Cutoff: 19:30 EDT 8 July 2023 (13.5 hrs)

Daylight Hours

Sunrise: 05:38
Sunset: 20:34


Weather forecast for start location: Easton, PA.

This event runs rain or shine. Rides are sometimes postponed or canceled if there is a significant chance of extreme conditions that threaten safety (e.g. ice, snow, high winds). Check the message board for last minute announcements.

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