[Pennsylvania Randonneurs]

Results for Timothy T Creyts

RUSA 11268

[Pennsylvania Randonneurs] Lifetime Totals: Finishes 19; Distance 3,900 km; Avg Speed 21.3 km/h
Finishes 5; Distance 1,100 km; Avg Speed 24.0 km/h
Feb 9RUSA200KLittle Britain08:50
Mar 30ACP300KHawk's Nest13:03
Jun 15ACP200KA Victory to Remember07:40
Oct 12RUSA200KFall Classic08:08
Nov 2RUSA200KRusty Rail08:10
Finishes 6; Distance 1,200 km; Avg Speed 22.4 km/h
Jan 20RUSA200KBeyond Hope to Hopewell08:45
Feb 3RUSA200KLancaster Loop in Reverse08:57
Jun 9ACP200KHawk's Nest08:55
Jul 7ACP200KYet Another River to River Ride (YARRR)08:26
Sep 8ACP200KHawk Mountain08:35
Dec 1RUSA200KBack to our Routes Figure Eight09:51
Finishes 4; Distance 800 km; Avg Speed 21.9 km/h
Jan 21RUSA200KBeyond Hope to Hopewell (Take II)10:20
Feb 4RUSA200KLancaster Loop in Reverse08:52
Sep 9ACP200KA Victory to Remember08:20
Nov 11RUSA200KBlue Mountain08:57
Finishes 2; Distance 400 km; Avg Speed 17.3 km/h
Mar 19ACP200KLackawanna11:02
Oct 22RUSA200KEastern PA12:07
Finishes 1; Distance 200 km; Avg Speed 15.9 km/h
Mar 21ACP200KBlue Mountain12:35
Finishes 1; Distance 200 km; Avg Speed 17.0 km/h
Mar 23ACP200KSpring Forward11:45