R-12 Series
Spring Forward 200k
Saturday March 23, 2013
General Info
This ride is a randonneur style event sanctioned by RUSA, offered to promote participation in the R-12 challenge.  PA Randonneurs club membership is required in order to participate.  In the spirit of pure randonneuring, minimal support is provided before, during, and after the ride.

First time riding with PA Randonneurs?  Read an overview of what to expect on your first PA brevet. All participants are obliged to follow the rules for riders as well as PA and NJ vehicle laws.  Safety is a primary concern ... please read and carry these Safety Instructions with you.


K-Mart parking lot
1127 S State St.
Ephrata, PA
(717) 738-4221

A good breakfast is available at the nearby
Pancake House -- Highly Recommended! Opens 5:15 AM

Traveling far? Overnight accommodations are available at the:
Hampton Inn  
380 East Main Street
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 733-0661
Make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly. 

1) PA Randonneurs club membership is required in order to participate. 
2) Send e-mail to: RBA 
3) Print out cuesheet. 
4) $10 registration fee due at sign-in.


6:30AM Sign-in and Bike Inspection opens
6:50AM Rider meeting
7:00AM Riders depart (~13:30 hr. time limit)

Daylight hours: 6:59 AM -  7:17 PM

NOTE: Riders finishing after 7:17 PM without lights and reflectors will be disqualifed.

Start Controle
- Arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled start time.
- Sign-in, pay fee to organizer, and collect brevet card.
- Get bike inspected
- Rider meeting, 10 minutes before scheduled start time

Finish Controle
- Get final stamp and store receipt validating finish time.
- Return to start location
- Initial sign-in sheet and record finish time.
- Sign brevet card and deposit it along with store receipt in Andrew's car window (blue Explorer).

Post ride gathering
Two Cousins Pizza (717) 859-5444
Schaums Corner (junction Rt 272 & 772)
4207 Oregon Pike
Ephrata, PA 17522

DIRECTIONS from Start/Finish
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Preliminary Results

Ride Report and Pictures
Ride Description
Veterans of the Spring Forward brevet know to save a little for the second half of the route. While that remains good advice, this updated route skips a few of the steeper pitches in an effort to make for a more enjoyable day. Starting in Ephrata, we'll warm up on the rolling terrain as we make our way toward Annville climbing over the Cornwall Ridge along the way as usual. Pay attention to your cue as there is a minor change in the route. From Annville, the course follows a southerly track filled with more Pennsylvania rollers as it meanders toward the Susquehanna River, but instead of the Bainbridge control and 10 miles of Rt 441, we'll make a quick info control near Elizabethtown and follow backroads to Conestoga by way of a control in Silver Spring. After Conestoga, the route bypasses Frogtown Road and takes a slightly easier track to White Oak Rd. Yes, we will still climb to the top of White Oak, but recall that once on top you'll enjoy several gentle, generally downhill miles along the ridge. You can feel good in the knowledge as you approach Atglen that you won't have to climb Brick Mill, but can continue to roll down into town. From there we follow the valley road to the penultimate control in Parkesburg. The final leg bypasses everyone's favorite climb of the Welsh Mountain and follows gently rolling farm roads back to Ephrata.

There are several steep, extended climbs.  A triple or 39x27 is highly recommended.

Historical Records
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March 6, 2010      Results    Ride Report
March 5, 2011      Results    Ride Report

Course Record: 8:35 Patrick O Donnell