R-12 Series
Blue Mountain 200k
Saturday March 21
March 28, 2015
General Info
This ride is a randonneur style event sanctioned by RUSA, and ACP offered to promote participation in the R-12 challenge.  PA Randonneurs club membership is required in order to participate.  In the spirit of pure randonneuring, minimal support is provided before, during, and after the ride.

First time riding with PA Randonneurs?  Read an overview of what to expect on your first PA brevet. All participants are obliged to follow the rules for riders as well as PA and NJ vehicle laws.  Safety is a primary concern ... please read and carry these Safety Instructions with you.


Milford Station Bakery
2 Bridge St.
Milford, NJ

Due to the limited parking spaces at the Milford Station Bakery, please do not park your car there. Parking is available in a parking lot off of Church St (across the street from the Bakery).  Permission granted from Dawn VanDoran, US Health Care:

Traveling far? Several motels are available in the area.
Make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly. 

Preride Breakfast
Breakfast items available at the Bakery start controle (open at 6AM)


1) Submit Registration Form
2) Print out cuesheet
3) All participants must sign waiver at sign-in.

For PA Club Members:
$10 due at sign-in

For Guests
$15 due at sign-in

6:30AM Sign-in and Bike Inspection opens
6:50AM Rider meeting
7:00AM Riders depart (~13:30 hr. time limit)

Daylight hours: 7:04 AM -  7:12 PM

NOTE: Riders finishing after 7:12 PM without lights and reflective gear will be disqualifed.

Start Controle
- Arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled start time.
- Sign-in, pay fee to organizer, and collect brevet card.
- Get bike inspected
- Rider meeting, 10 minutes before scheduled start time

Finish Controle
- Get final stamp
- Initial sign-in sheet and record finish time.
- Sign brevet card and deposit it in envelope at cash register

Post ride gathering: at Ship Inn finish controle
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Ride Description

Starting out from our favorite Bakery, we head north along the Delaware River through Phillipsburg and Easton.  We eventually head away from the river to the mountains upon Mud Run, where we reach the base at Wind Gap.  From Wind Gap, we travel along the southern part of Blue Mountain to Danielsville where we cross over to the northern side at Little Gap.  After an exhilarating descent from the top of the Blue Mountain Ski resort, we follow valley roads to Water Gap, where we once again meet up with the Delaware River.  Heading south along the river, there are spectacular views of the water gap with Mount Minisi on your right and Mount Tammany on your left. We continue south along the Delaware River back to Milford via Portland, Belvidere, Stewartsville, and Bloomsbury.  At Bloomsbury, we get one last good look at the Blue Mountains in the distance after the climb up Staats Rd.

There are several steep, extended climbs.  A triple or 39x27 is highly recommended.

Historical Records
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