Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Organizing long distance, endurance bicycle events in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.


Completed Events

Oct 15 RUSA 200K Report Results
Oct 15 RUSA 153K Report Results
Nov 5 RUSA 200K Report Results
Dec 3 RUSA 200K Report Results
Jan 7 RUSA 200K Report Results
Feb 4 RUSA 200K Report Results
Mar 4 ACP 200K Report Results
Apr 1 ACP 300K Report Results
Apr 20 ACP Flèche Report Results
May 13 ACP 400K Report Results
May 13 RUSA 200K Report Results
Jun 3 ACP 600K Report Results
Jun 4 ACP 200K Report Results
Jul 8 ACP 200K Report Results
Aug 12 RUSA 200K Report Results
Sep 2 ACP 200K Report Results
Sep 14 ACP 1000K Canceled

Future Events

Oct 28 RUSA 200K Register
Oct 28 RUSA 154K Register
Nov 11 RUSA 200K Register
Dec 2 RUSA 200K Register
Jan 6 RUSA 200K Register
Feb 3 RUSA 200K Register
Mar 23 ACP 200K Register
Apr 20 ACP 300K Register
Apr 25 ACP Flèche Register
May 4 RUSA 200K Register
May 11 ACP 400K Register
Jun 8 ACP 600K Register
Jun 15 RUSA 200K Register
Jul 20 RUSA 200K Register
Aug 17 RUSA 200K Register
Sep 14 RUSA 200K Register
Sep 25 RM 1234K Register
Oct 19 RUSA 154K Register
Oct 19 ACP 200K Register
Nov 9 RUSA 200K Register
Dec 7 RUSA 200K Register

Grand Brevets

EndlessMountains Liberty Bell



Electronic Proof of Passage

eBrevetElectronic Proof of Passage (EPP) using the eBrevet cell phone app is now availible for all PA Rando brevets. More details in this blog post.  Riders who have used this app generally report that it's fast, easy to operate, doesn't drain the phone battery, and is simpler than getting merchant signatures and receipts.

Events In Need of Volunteers

PA Randonneurs always needs volunteers to help out with brevets. Even with minimally supported brevets volunteers are needed to staff the start/finish zone and, occasionally, staff intermediate controls along the route. For more information about volunteering for Pennsylvania Randonneurs click here.

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