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Organizing long distance, endurance bicycle events in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.

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Grand Brevets

EM1240K -- 2013


RUSA has announced a new award for extra motivation:  The Rando Scout Award.  

This award was created to encourage exploring new routes and recognizes RUSA members who have ridden at least 25 distinct routes in brevet, populaire, or grand randonnée (1200km and longer) RUSA events. Permanents do not count toward this award. The route must be in the RUSA Brevet Routes database and be linked to the event ridden by the member. There is no time limit to accumulate routes.

Check the Member's Routes Lookup page on the RUSA website to find out how close you are to Rando Scout status.  

You can even order a nifty patch from the RUSA store if you qualify.  


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September 11
Rusty Rail 200K

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Events In Need of Volunteers

PA Randonneurs always needs volunteers to help out with brevets. Even with minimally supported brevets volunteers are needed to staff the start/finish zone and, occasionally, staff intermediate controls along the route. For more information about volunteering for PA Randonneurs click here.

The following events have specific volunteering needs:

Fall NeoClassic 200K

Event Start: 2021-10-16 07:30:00

Contact Organizer to Volunteer.

Fall NeoClassic 154K

Event Start: 2021-10-16 07:30:00

Contact Organizer to Volunteer.

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Vadim Gritsus51700
Brad Layman51700
Nicolaas Van Rhede van der Kloot51700

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