PA Randonneurs
Organizing long distance, endurance bicycle events in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.
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Read These First

Randonnées of 200, 300, 400, 600 km length, and beyond, are offered at various locations in Eastern Pennsylvania by the PA Randonneurs. Each ride prepares the rider for the next longer distance. Please read the following articles before participating in one of our brevets.

What to expect on a PA Rando Brevet

Safety Instructions

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What is Randonneuring?

It is not racing, but it is more challenging than touring. Randonneurs attempt to complete a pre-determined route within a time period based on a pace between 15 and 34 km/h. During randonnées, riders can help each other, but an outside support crew is not allowed. Riders carry a brevet card, which must be validated at the controls to "prove passage" over the course.

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