GPS/Cuesheet Data

Water Gap 300K Brevet


Start Date/Time2009-05-02 00:00:00 EDT
Event TypeACP brevet
Official Distance300 km

Unlike other bicycling events, randonneuring routes are not marked with painted or posted arrows or other signage beyond pre-existing road and traffic signs. Instead, the route is defined by a map accompanied by distances, turns, and detailed cue notes. This information comprises the official directions for the route. We have done our best to embed these notes and directions with an accurate GPS map. This map, combined with a GPS navigation unit or compatible Smart Phone device, may prove useful as a navigation assist. It's important that the cue notes are displayed in plain view of the rider so they may be referred to frequenly. Items such as Control locations, Hazard Warnings and other useful information are displayed on the cue notes only! Cue notes rendered on cue sheets may be abbreviated with common shorthand given in a glossary at the top of the cue sheet (eg TFL=Traffic Light, etc...) Please respect that spotting cues, notes, and warnings were placed there based on the experience of past riders. Ignore their notes at your peril.  Keep alert for other route changes and hazards that are not documented.


At this time no map and profile information is available for this event.


The following events have been run on this course (RUSA Route ID 607).

Course Record 2009-05-02: Craig M Martek Sr (12:41, 23.7 kph)


A legacy Cuesheet is available for this event.

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