Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Chamounix Classic
200K Brevet

Saturday 17 October 2020
07:00 EDT Start Time

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Chamounix Classic 200K Brevet

Saturday 17 October 2020
07:00 EDT Start Time

There are special proceedures and restrictions on this event because of the COVID-19 safety plan. All intermediate controles are "info" so riders do not have to enter a convenience store. A staffed controle near the midpoint will have water and packaged food outdoors.

At the start riders must

  • Bring a completed and signed  brevet waiver to the start. Riders should have this completed  ahead of time.
  • Bring a facemask to the start and wear it for registration and the rider's briefing.
  • Bring your own pencil or pen for completing info controle questions and signing brevet cards.

Please do not forget to bring these items. Be alert for other announcements and instructions.  The full set of restrictions and procedures are described in the PA Rando Blog. Please check often for updates.

Start Location

Chamounix Carriage House Hostel

3250 Chamounix Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Chamounix Carriage House

Chamounix, also known as Montpelier, is a historic home located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Federal-style house was built in 1802 by George Plumsted who was a wealthy Philadelphia merchant, then enlarged to nearly double its original size by subsequent owners after 1853.

We will use the Carriage House for our start, finish, registration, and lodging. The Carriage House is the building on the left before the eyelet loop at the end of Chamounix Drive.  Do not confuse the Carriage House with the Mansion, which is partway around the loop on the right.


In our opinion, the safest place to park is the the Hilton/Homewood lot just off of city avenue. Here is a Google map link.  Price is $13/day. As far as we know, this fenced-in lot is secure and it's a very short, easy bike ride from this parking area to Chamounix.  There are free on-street parking alternatives a short distance away, including along W Ford Rd, that may be reasonably secure because of the residences and businesses nearby.

Hilton Parking

We believe that immediately outside Chamounix is not a safe place to park, as there have been instances of petty theft in the area. Should you decide to park near Chamounix anyway, do not leave valuables in your car. There should be nothing visible that might tempt thieves. If you must leave clothes and minor gear someplace during the event, it would be best to leave these inside the Carriage House, but please don't leave anything of great value. For Carriage House events, please park cars along Chamounix Drive in front of the Carriage House as shown in this diagram. Do not park back in the circle by the mansion or on the side alley to the left of the Carriage house. Park on the left side of Chamounix drive within easy view of the front porch of the Carriage house.  Park end-in, not parallel to the curb.

Suggested parking locations for the start/finish are public places, with theft and vandalism a real possibility, especially in cities. Park during the event at your own risk. Please do not leave valuables in your car during the ride.


Riders are advised to make sleeping arrangements at or near the start/finish. Please don't try to drive a long distance before or after a tough brevet.  Multiple options are available.



As you approach the finish control there are two buildings in the cul-de-sac eyelet. We are in the Carriage House on the left awaiting you with refreshments and eager to hear your tall tales, some of which might even be true.


This event needs volunteers for the following jobs:

Contact Organizer to Volunteer.

Ride Description

Philadelphia Skyline

Recognizing the number of Pennsylvania Randonneurs that hail from Philadelphia, we are returning to Philadelphia for a newly designed Fall Classic event.  The starting point is Chamounix Mansion, located in Fairmont Park overlooking the Schuylkill River. 

We begin our ride by weaving our way through sleepy neighborhoods to reach the undulating 9.4m-long Goshen Road – a local favorite. Horseshoe Trail View Eventually we escape the superhighways surrounding the city, but this freedom has to be reached by going up the 0.7-mile,  8%-grade, Yellow-Springs-Road-climb – at the top of which you will be rewarded with the view of the... ahem... I-76.  But more importantly you will soon turn left onto Art School Road and then Horseshoe Trail, a charming meandering sequence of roads embodying most of what randonneuring is all about.

As you continue you will ride through a breathtaking landscape that makes you forget the many little hills you are asked to conquer. Reward yourself by taking in the spectacular view on top of Horseshoe Trail at mile 39.4.

Linfield BridgeWe cross the Schuylkill River via Linfield Bridge, a rare example of a surviving, 1930s, 3-span Warren-pony-truss bridge with polygonal top chord, which for us translates into a narrow bridge with no hard shoulder or bike path – be alert and make yourself seen when on the bridge.

There is an expanded 17.8 mile gravel experience (suitable for most tires) on the Perkiomen Trail (PT). You stay on Perkiomen until you reach the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) at mile 101.2. Don’t miss the turn to go up the bridge as otherwise you end up in Phoenixville which is a different brevet altogether. At the control, pause for a Quaker moment of silence - yes we are nearing Philadelphia again - and hold in the light the victims to whom the bench is dedicated. 

Partway down the SRT the route climbs the dreaded Barren Hill Rd away from the Schuylkill. The reward for this effort is the gorgeous Wissahickon Creek and the Forbidden Drive trail, one of the best urban trails in the world. This smooth gravel trail leads all the way down to the base of Ridge Avenue. Then it's just across the Falls Bridge and "one last grunt" up the hill to Chamounix. 

There are several steep, extended climbs. Wide range gearing is highly recommended. Sections of gravel on the PT are suitable for most tires, but some riders will appreciate 28mm or wider tread.

Course History

Course Record 2020-10-17: Patrick Gaffney (08:50, 22.6 kph)

General Info

This ride is a randonneur style bicycle event under the sanction of Randonneurs USA. Completing this event can help you train for Paris-Brest-Paris and earn RUSA  awards.  You need a current RUSA membership to ride this event. You can sign up for RUSA here.

First time riding with PA Randonneurs? Read an overview of what to expect on your first PA brevet. All participants are obliged to follow the rules for riders as well as local vehicle laws (PA, NJ, NY). Safety is a primary concern. All riders must sign a waiver. Please read these Safety Instructions.

To receive credit for finishing a randonneuring event you must complete a brevet card as required by the rules. PA Randonneurs accepts traditional brevet cards filled out with stamps/signatures and backed up with merchant receipts. PA Randonneurs encourages use of the eBrevet cell phone app. (Version 1.3 minimum required) as an electronic brevet card assistant. Nevertheless, you must check into all controls on the app -- or provide traditional proof for each control. Your finish time and finish code from the  app must be written on the paper card, along with your signature, or you may be disqualified.

These events are not for beginners.  The courses are hilly. You may face extremes of weather: heat, cold, wind, rain. The roads are unmarked and open to automobile traffic. There will be night riding in the longer events.   Complete several ordinary century cycling events before starting a 200K brevet;  complete several 200Ks before starting a longer brevet.


Registration Fee

For PA Rando members: $30
There is an extra $10 charge for registration if you are not a member of Pennsylvania Randonneurs.
Pre-payment only. Day-of-event payment is not available for this event.


Socially distanced, boxed meals, drinks in cans and bottles, bananas, and fresh brewed coffee will be available at the Start/Finish. A staffed controle near the midpoint will have water and packaged food outdoors.

Registration is closed for this event.


06:00 Sign-in, Bike Inspection
06:50 Rider meeting
07:00 EDT Riders depart


Finish Cutoff: 20:30 EDT 17 October 2020 (13 hours, 30 minutes)

Daylight Hours

Sunrise: 07:15
Sunset: 18:16

The hours for this event extend beyond daytime. Riding at night without appropriate reflective gear and lights will result in an immediate disqualification. See the rules Article 10 for requirements. See the reflectivity guide for best practices.


Weather forecast for start location: Philadelphia, PA.

This event runs rain or shine. Rides are sometimes postponed or canceled if there is a significant chance of extreme conditions that threaten safety (e.g. ice, snow, high winds). Check the message board for last minute announcements.

Questions About This Event?

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