Eastern PA Fleche
April 7-10, 2016
General Info
This event is a randonneur-style, fleche team event sanctioned by RUSA and ACP and counts toward the R-5000 medal. Allowable start times are from noon Thursday through 10 AM on Saturday. A minimum of 360 km must be covered  within 24 hours with no rest stop longer than 2 hours.  Teams are composed of 3 to 5 bikes and each team designs their own route, converging to the common destination of the Weisel Youth Hostel in Quakertown, PA.

Registration includes Brunch Banquet at the finish (Sunday 7AM-11AM) and hostel facillities (showers, kitchen, and dorm room to rest before traveling home). Overnight accommodates also available at the hostel.

All participants are obliged to follow the Rules for the Flèches-USA as well as PA and NJ vehicle laws.  Safety is a primary concern ... please read and carry these Safety Instructions with you.

Finish Location

Weisel Youth Hostel
7347 Richlandtown Road
Quakertown, PA
(215) 536-8749
Traveling far? Over-night accommodations are available at the hostel.  Make reservations on the registration form.

Mail Registration Form
(Participants should register individually and indicate their team affiliation on the registration form)

All riders must sign waiver
Field Limit: 10 teams

$5 discount for PA Club Members

Event runs rain or shine.
Refund policy: 90% before event.  50% for no-show

March 18  Team Captain registration closes
March 25  Route submission deadline
April 4      Brevet cards mailed to team captains
April 6      Rider registration closes
April 7      Noon: Earliest start time
April 9      8AM - 9AM: Preferred start time
April 9     10AM: Latest start time
April 10    7AM - 11AM: Brunch Banquet

Daylight hours: 6:29 AM - 7:35 PM

Post Ride

Showers available at the hostel.  A traditional Brunch Banquet will be served on Sunday morning.  Relax in the hostel's comfortable great room or porch.  A dormatory in the hostel is available for resting before traveling home.
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Route Design Guidelines
Before you send me your cuesheet, submit a list of controles for your proposed route -- be sure to list the complete name and address of the establishment, along with a phone number.  Route approval is based upon meeting the minimum distance between controles (safely navigable by bike) as well as meeting the 22-hr controle criteria.

After the list of controles is approved, provide full details on the proposed route, i.e. cuesheet, town names, total distance, as well as both partial and cumulative mileages.  Information can be supplied in PDF, Word, or Excel formats.

22-hour Controle
A minimum of 25 kilometers must be ridden in the final 2 hours of the event. Some proof of passage, such as a store receipt or stamp, must be obtained at the end of the 22nd hour at some location. Some suggestions are:
- Hellertown Waffle House along with the Quakertown WaWa
(The WaWa is an additional controle between the 22-hr controle and finish to satisfy the 25 km requirement).
- 24-hr diners in Allentown
- Mueller's Too Restaurant in Riegelsville (opens 6AM)

Distance and Controles
Be sure that the minimum distance is covered (360 km). There should be several controls along the route, probably not much farther than 100 km apart. If the route is not a straight run at the finish, then any "corners" should be set at controls to show that no shortcuts were taken -- mileage credit will only be given to the shortest distance navigable by bicycles, between controles.

- A loop course may be designed, to minimize team travel between the start and finish. The start location, however, must be different from the finish, and a road may only be used once (crossing at a single point is allowable).
- A shuttle service (like one typically used to get to an airport) is one suggestion to get team members back to a common location.
- Looking for a team or teammate? Contact the RBA

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