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Eastern PA Fleche
April 16-19, 2009
Ride Report
Rider/Team Statistics
22 Registered riders
20 Starters
20 Finishers

5 Registered teams
5 Starting teams
5 Finishing teams

100% Completion

Nearly ideal weather from Friday night through Sunday morning.  Plentiful sunshine and clear skies with temperatures ranged from high 70's during the day, plunging down to the low 40's during the evening hours.

Special Thanks ...
... to all the Team Captains for organizing their teams and putting together the routes.
(Below)Team Squadra Bricconi finishing on Saturday night.  From left to right, Bill Fisher, Juan Salazar and team captain Rick Carpenter.
(Above) Squadra Bricconi hanging out at hostel and topping off, shortly before setting out on their 40k post-fleche add-on -- in order to get an even 400k qualifier completed.  Juan and Rick would then clip in for a 300k recovery ride, a few hours after that, for a 700k weekend.  Checkout Juan's ride report along with his pictures.  Also, check out Rick's photo album.

Gears? We don't need no stinkin' gears!  The Midnight Riders of the Sinister Nuts at their start in Asbury, NJ.  From left to right: Guy Harris, Goon Koch, Mordecai Silver, Paul Searce, and team captain, Bill Olsen -- all on fixed-gear bikes.
(above) Mordecai with his fixed-gear ride and they're off on their journey (map below).
(Above) The Sinister Nuts at the finish on Sunday morning. 

Below, Italian Ice, led by
Chip Adams (center) arriving with fellow teammates Randi Mouri (left) and
Clint Provenza (right).  Clint has expunged his DNF from 2008 where he got within 30 miles of the finish but had to withdraw due to hypothermia.
At over 415km, Team Italian Ice once again were the highest over-achievers: They had both the longest route and longest segment between their 22-hr controle and finish.  They also had a starting point that was the furtherest away from the finish.
The Stearler's Wheel route below, was grand tour of New Jersey WaWa's. 
Last year's Stone Pony returned as Stealer's Wheel, led by Paul Shapiro (center) at the finish. with fellow teammates (left to right) Jonathan LevittJoe Kratovil,  Todd Kerekes, and Ron Anderson, 
Below, is the route of the Fleche in the Penn.
The Cumberland Cruiser are all smiles as they finish Saturday at noon. (left to right): Dawn Engstrom, team captain Walt Pettigrew, Rick Lentz, and Bill Charlton.
The Cumberland Cruiser route (above), visited a good number of the ever popular WaWa convenience stores (below).
Bill (below), pointing out to Walt, that he's in a "No Idling Zone" ... it's the law!
(below), at the 22-hr controle in Frenchtown, looking forward to another successful fleche completion.