Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Organizing long distance, endurance bicycle events in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.


SPOT Tracker Instructions

At most PA Rando Events, satellite "SPOT" Trackers will be distributed to selected riders in the group. Generally we try to give trackers to riders with a range of speeds -- fast, medium, and slow -- so the volunteers can judge the progress of the pack. This allows us to better coordinate support at controles, especially at the finish.

If you receive one of the club's SPOT trackers from the start volunteer, you should carry it in a way that it can see the sky. Covering it with one or two layers of fabric is OK, so you can stow it in your jersey back pocket, on on top of your gear in a handlebar bag. Do not put it under your seat, or at the bottom of a bag stuffed with gear.

Make sure that both the top oval button (power) and the right oval button (footprint) are blinking. After 24 hours, the SPOT will turn off and these buttons will need to be pressed again.

Pennsylvania Randonneurs Club SPOT Trackers