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Thursday 19 April 2018
12:00 EDT Earliest Start Time

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The Flèche

A classic event. This is the last edition of the PA Rando Fleche that features the Weisel Hostel as a finish venue.

Common Finish Location

Weisel Youth Hostel

7347 Richlandtown Road
Quakertown, PA 18951

Serving as our traditional "rando clubhouse" the Weisel youth hostel is a congenial venue for brevets of any length.


Enter the main hostel driveway off Richlandtown Road. After about 200 feet, turn right on the gravel road before the barn, then another immediate right to park your car in the large, grassy field next to the main driveway. Do not park at the end of the driveway by the hostel building. The parking spots near the hostel are reserved.

Suggested parking locations for the start/finish are public places, with theft and vandalism a real possibility, especially in cities. Park during the event at your own risk. Please do not leave valuables in your car during the ride.


Lodging is available for a nominal fee at the hostel for the evenings before and after the event.


Showers available at the hostel. Join us at the post-ride banquet and share your epic tales and goals for the coming year. Relax in the hostel's comfortable great room or porch.  A dormatory in the hostel is available for a nap before traveling home

Riding a Flèche

This event is a randonneur-style, flèche team event sanctioned by RUSA and ACP and counts toward the R-5000 medal. Allowable start times are from noon Thursday through 10 AM on Saturday. A minimum of 360 km must be covered within 24 hours with no rest stop longer than 2 hours. Teams are composed of 3 to 5 bikes and each team designs their own route, converging to the common finish destination.

All participants are obliged to follow the Rules for the Flèches-USA, as well as local vehicle laws (PA, NJ, NY). Safety is a primary concern. Please read these Safety Instructions.

Route Design Guidelines

Please include a list of controles for your proposed route when you submit the route for review.  Be sure to provide the complete name and address of the establishment, along with a phone number. Route approval is based upon meeting the minimum distance between controles (safely navigable by bike) as well as meeting the 22-hr controle criteria. You may submit your route in an on-line application, such as RideWithGPS, or it may be a cue sheet with a list of controls.  If you use on-line means, please either provide the requested control information in the GPS map itself or in a separate list.  Cue sheet submittals should be delivered in a spreadsheet format that is accessible using MS Excel.  I encourage Captains/route designers to contact all controls to confirm they remain in business and will be open when you plan to arrive.  Though the Fleche rules include steps to take if you arrive at a control only to find it unavailable, you can avoid disruptions by taking this step beforehand.  

Once the proposed route is approved by the RBA, the list of controles are to be added into a Flèche control card prepared in Jake Kassen's Card-O-Matic applictation and a copy of the card copied into the RBA's CoM account.  After route approval, any changes to the controls you plan to use must be submitted to the RBA to confirm that the minimum controlled distance is maintained.

22-hour Controle

A minimum of 25 kilometers must be ridden in the final 2 hours of the event. Proof of passage, such as a store receipt or stamp, must be obtained at the end of the 22nd hour at some location.  Due to the new destination, recommendations for establishments meeting the 22-hour distance criteria are not available.  

Distance and Controles

Be sure that the minimum distance is covered (360 km). There should be several controls along the route, probably not much further than 100 km apart. If the route is not a straight run at the finish, then any "corners" should be set at controls to show that no shortcuts were taken. Mileage credit will only be given to the shortest distance navigable by bicycles, between controles.

Proof of Passage

Traditional merchant receipts are permissible.   When submitting receipts, only one set of receipts is required for the entire team.  These should remain with the Captain's brevet card and identified with the control name or number.

Photographs are permissible provided 1) every member of the team is visible, 2) the location can clearly be identified and matched to a control on the team route, and 3) the Captain sends the photographs electronically to the RBA/Organizer at or before the time the completed brevet cards are turned in.  Team Name & Control name or number must be clearly noted in the email and provide a way to identify each attached picture. 

Post card controls are permissible provided the team name and control number or name is clearly identifiable.  Post cards should be sent to Pennslyvania Randonneurs, 1700 Sullivan Trail, #103, Easton, PA 18040-8333.  Every team member should sign the card.  Bonus points are awarded to teams who provide catchy rhymes, prose, or remarks documenting their experience on the post cards.  

Please note that the 22-hour control requires a means to document the departure time at the location.  A text message to the RBA/Organizer is NOT an acceptable proof of passage.

EVERY rider shall note their arrival time at EVERY checkpoint control on their brevet card.  Blank brevet cards will not be accepted at the finish.  


Loop courses are NOT permitted.  The start location must be significatly different from the finish, and a road may only be used once (crossing at a single point is allowable).  Please get your start location approved by the RBA before you start to design your course.

Parking is typically available at the destination location so teams may leave one or two cars there to shuttle bikes and riders back to the starting location after the finish.

A shuttle service (like one typically used to get to an airport) is one suggestion to get team members back to a common location.


Registration Fee

For PA Rando members: $25
There is an extra $10 charge for registration if you are not a member of Pennsylvania Randonneurs.
Prices include $10 discount for pre-payment.
Registration is closed for this event.


Mar 27Team Captain registration closes
Mar 31Route submission deadline
Apr 15Rider registration closes
19 AprilNoon: Earliest start time
21 April8-9 AM: Preferred start time
21 April10 AM: Latest start
22 April10 AM: Latest finish
22 April8-11 AM: Brunch Banquet


Daylight Hours

Sunrise: 06:14
Sunset: 19:44

The hours for this event extend beyond daytime. Riding at night without appropriate reflective gear and lights will result in an immediate disqualification. See the rules Article 10 for requirements. See the reflectivity guide for best practices.


Weather forecast for finish location: Quakertown, PA.

This event runs rain or shine. Rides are sometimes postponed or canceled if there is a significant chance of extreme conditions that threaten safety (e.g. ice, snow, high winds). Check the message board for last minute announcements.

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