Pennsylvania Randonneurs

Hawk's Nest
300K Brevet

Saturday 1 May 2021
05:00 EDT Start Time

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Hawk's Nest 300K Brevet

Saturday 1 May 2021
05:00 EDT Start Time

There are special proceedures and restrictions on this event because of the COVID-19 safety plan. Riders must

  • Bring a completed and signed  brevet waiver to the start. Riders should have this completed  ahead of time.
  • Bring a facemask and wear it as required.
  • Bring your own pencil or pen for completing info controle questions and signing brevet cards.

Please do not forget to bring these items. Be alert for other announcements and instructions.  The full set of restrictions and procedures will be described in the PA Rando Blog. Please check often for updates.


Start Location

Holiday Inn Express, Easton

90 Kunkle Drive
Easton, PA 18042
(610) 838-2928


The Holiday Inn Express in Easton is centrally located near US 22 and PA 33 in Easton, PA.  Events hosted at the Holiday will start in their meeting room, where breakfast is served at the start and a meal is served after the finish. Lodging can be reserved in hotel. Book with them directly.


There is ample parking all around the hotel.

Suggested parking locations for the start/finish are public places, with theft and vandalism a real possibility, especially in cities. Park during the event at your own risk. Please do not leave valuables in your car during the ride.


Riders are advised to make sleeping arrangements at or near the start/finish. Please book a room directly with the Holiday Inn Express or one of the other nearby hotels.


Join us in the buffet in the meeting room to recount your tales of joy, woe, and epic adventure (some of which may even be true). There will be access to a hot shower, allowing you to clean up after the ride, as well as bathrooms.


This event needs volunteers for the following jobs:

Contact Organizer to Volunteer.

Ride Description

Hawk's NestDeparting from Easton, you will quickly escape suburban sprawl as you follow the Bushkill Creek north along the Two Rivers Trailway.  It's paved surface is suitable for even the skinniest of road tires (but be aware there is some gravel later on in the route).  The Appalachian Mountains loom in the distance as you approach the first control at Wind Gap.  Rather than crossing the Blue Mountain here, the route heads east through the Slate Belt along the south face of  Mount Minisi and down the gravel switchbacks of National Park Drive (suitable for most tires) before turning north again toward Delaware Water Gap.  The Turkey Hill control in Winona Falls should have something to top off your tank before you enter the most remote section of the course.  

The route heads up from there (literally) as you climb the Appalachian front, passing Bushkill Falls as you ride through the Delaware State Forest on the way to the next controle near Hawley.  The 402/Rt-6 controle at the top of the mountain may be known to some long-time riders of PA Randonneurs brevets.  The next two segments should also be well-known to many as the route follows the traditional Hawk's Nest 200 routing downstream along the scenic Lackawaxen River, across the Roebling Aquaduct, up to a controle in Eldred (El Dread), and finally passing the always incredible namesake Hawk's Nest overlook of the Delaware River.  Rather than the usual Port Jervis controle, we cross the Delaware to control in Matamoras, PA. 

The final legs head down through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, scaling perennial favorite, freshly re-paved Old Mine Road (sic).  Be sure to follow your cue sheet since you will not be crossing the I-80 Appalachian Trail bridge, but heading over the second mountain on Millbrook Rd into Blairstown, NJ for a penultimate control. From there it's just a "few last grunts"  via Foul Rift to the finish in Easton. Join your fellow randoneurs after the ride for pizza/pasta and to share your epic stories and tales of woe, some of which may even be true, about the day's adventure as we gather (in a socially responsible way) at the Holiday Inn conference room.

Steep and/or extended climbs abound in this route featuring a mix of well and not-so-well known roads.  Appropriately low gears are highly recommended.

Course History

Course Record 2021-05-01: Joshua Armstrong (12:59, 23.1 kph)

General Info

This ride is a randonneur style bicycle event under the sanction of Randonneurs USA and Audax Club Parisian. Completing this event can help you train and qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris and earn RUSA and ACP  awards. You need a current RUSA membership to ride this event. You can sign up for RUSA here.

First time riding with PA Randonneurs? Read an overview of what to expect on your first PA brevet. All participants are obliged to follow the rules for riders as well as local vehicle laws (PA, NJ, NY). Safety is a primary concern. All riders must sign a waiver. Please read these Safety Instructions.

To receive credit for finishing a randonneuring event you must complete a brevet card as required by the rules. PA Randonneurs accepts traditional brevet cards filled out with stamps/signatures and backed up with merchant receipts. PA Randonneurs encourages use of the eBrevet cell phone app. (Version 1.3 minimum required) as an electronic brevet card assistant. Nevertheless, you must check into all controls on the app -- or provide traditional proof for each control. Your finish time and finish code from the  app must be written on the paper card, along with your signature, or you may be disqualified.

These events are not for beginners.  The courses are hilly. You may face extremes of weather: heat, cold, wind, rain. The roads are unmarked and open to automobile traffic. There will be night riding in the longer events.  There is no sag wagon. Complete several ordinary century cycling events before starting a 200K brevet;  complete several 200Ks before starting a longer brevet.


Registration Fee

For PA Rando members: $40
There is an extra $10 charge for registration if you are not a member of Pennsylvania Randonneurs.
Pre-payment only. Day-of-event payment is not available for this event.


Subject to possible pandemic restrictions, several items are included in your registration. A complimentary breakfast buffet will be provided before the ride, and a pizza/pasta buffet will be available after the ride. There will be shared access to a shower, if allowed by pandemic rules in effect at the time.  Also with possible pandemic restriction, a limited number of bunks will be available for "safety naps". If you need the certainty of a shower and bunk, or full overnight accomodations, please book a room for yourself.  No lodging is included, but PA Randonneurs has reserved a limited block of rooms at the Holiday Inn that riders may book. Contact the hotel directly. Usually it's best to do this by phone directly to the hotel desk at 610-923-9495. Make sure they understand you are with the cycling group code. Or you can make reservations online.

Registration is closed for this event.


04:00 Sign-in, Bike Inspection
04:50 Rider meeting
05:00 EDT Riders depart


Finish Cutoff: 01:00 EDT 2 May 2021 (20 hours)

Daylight Hours

Sunrise: 05:57
Sunset: 19:57

The hours for this event extend beyond daytime. Riding at night without appropriate reflective gear and lights will result in an immediate disqualification. See the rules Article 10 for requirements. See the reflectivity guide for best practices.


Weather forecast for start location: Easton, PA.

This event runs rain or shine. Rides are sometimes postponed or canceled if there is a significant chance of extreme conditions that threaten safety (e.g. ice, snow, high winds). Check the message board for last minute announcements.

Questions About This Event?

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